Corporate Outline

Company Name Nakayo Telecommunications, Inc.
Established 30th May, 1944
Capital 4,909,075,000 yen
(Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange in its 1st Section)
Representative President , Yoshiji Tanimoto

715´╝łas of the end of the March 2012)


Principal Activities of the Company Manufacturing and sales of telecommunications equipment such as key telephone systems, telephone sets, telephone parts, switching equipment and data equipment.
Moving Logo
Operations Division /
Main Products
Business Solutions Division
Main products: Digital button telephone, Cordless phones, DSL modem, IP terminal devices, Components, etc.
Consumer Solutions Division
Main products: ISDN terminal adapters, Alarm devices, PHS modules, Cordless phones, Fax machines
Network Solutions Division
Main products: Switching systems, PBX, Transfer equipment
Service & Support Division
Main products: EMS operations, Software development, Metal dies for presses/molds, etc.


President Yoshiji Tanimoto
General Adviser Rikio Hoshino
Director Yasufumi Hagane
Director Yoshikazu Mayuzumi
Director Tatsuro Matsumae
Director Hitoshi Ishikawa
Standing Auditor Takeshi Mochizuki
Auditor Kinzou Fujimoto
Auditor Yoichi Takashima
Associate Senior Corporate Executive officer Yasufumi Hagane
Associate Senior Corporate Executive officer Yoshikazu Mayuzumi
Associate Senior Corporate Executive officer Naoyuki Masada
Associate Senior Corporate Executive officer Haruyoshi Kiyoku
Corporate officer Shinji Nishimura
Corporate officer Hideaki Katoh
Corporate officer Kenji Yamazaki
Corporate officer Osamu Iwamoto

Partial List of Clients

Sales Agents, dealers and many other direct customers of our sales branches

Major Securities Companies


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