Basic policy on protecting personal information

As proclaimed in the 3 principles on which our company is founded, a major precondition is that the company be relevant to the times and the world in which it exists. Our company therefore bears a social responsibility to protect personal information, manage this information correctly, and maintain the customer's trust.
To accomplish this we established the basic policy as stated herein. We shall strive to make the company officers and all employees aware of the importance of managing and safeguarding personal information, strictly comply with all related laws and regulations, and act in good faith and sincerity.


When collecting personal information, the objective behind the collection of that information shall be clearly established, and that goal shall be achieved while observing the required limits.


Personal information on a particular individual shall be used or provided to others only within the limits allowed by that individual.


A system required to prevent the leaking, tampering, destruction, loss of or illegal access to individual information shall be established and the necessary safety measures shall be contrived.


Along with thorough instruction and training of all those involved, checks and assessments shall be made regarding compliance with the basic policy and the required improvements shall be instituted.

Note: The 3 principles

1. Our company must be a public entity.
2. Our company must be relevant to the times.
3. Our company must grow and develop as an integral part of society.

Effective date:April 1st,2008 Yoshiji Tanimoto President and CEO

Any inquiries or requests to Nakayo , Inc. involving protection of individual information can be made to the person in charge when providing such information or to the following:


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