The 21st century has arrived, and with it has come the realization of a dream where people are able to obtain any kind of information they want, any time they want, anywhere they happen to be. They can then process and this information and send it on to anyone, anywhere. The time has come when anyone has the capability of organically utilizing a vast range of knowledge and information. Advancements in information networks and the expansion of globalization, together with new developments in telecommunications technologies such as digitization and broadband, have resulted in business styles undergoing tremendous changes.

And now, we are faced with disappearing natural resources, destruction of the environment, and other issues of a global scale that must be dealt with immediately. The social responsibility of companies has become a matter of much greater importance. But even in the midst of these tremendous changes, we at Nakayo have continuously maintained our unwavering business philosophy, just as we have since our founding. Our philosophy can be summarized as: (1) the company must be a public entity, (2) it must be relevant to the times, and (3) it should grow and develop as an integral part of society.

These guiding principles form the foundation of how we at Nakayo conduct our business activities as well as how we should fulfill our social responsibilities and earn the genuine satisfaction of our customers. And by providing a variety of attractive services together with a comprehensive integration of a wide range of highly creative and innovative cutting-edge solutions that only Nakayo is capable of creating, we are able to quickly and precisely meet the diverse needs our.