Since our founding, Nakayo has supplied great numbers of information communications devices. The information communications market in recent years has seen remarkable technological innovation as well as more advanced and diversifi ed needs such as the emergence of new communication cultures using SNS and so on, and furthermore, collaboration with different industries are promoted to create a new business model centered on information communications. Against such a backdrop, Nakayo will continue to use the spirit of challenge of each of its employees as our driving force for staying ahead of the changes and needs of the times, aiming to be an innovative company able to supply products and services that would be of help to our customers and satisfy them. We also hope to be a business partner making use of our accumulated technological capabilities and frontline strengths to engage in product development and business in new fi elds to meet the diverse needs of customers. Furthermore, we are aware of our responsibilities as a corporate citizen, and accordingly aim to be a corporate group striving to improve corporate value by putting the customers fi rst, and able to contribute to the advancement and progress of society. We hope to live up to your expectations and continue to receive your support.

Yoshiji Tanimoto
President and CEO